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Our barbers come from a variety of backgrounds – but one thing they have in common is a passion for their clients. Appointments highly recommended, walk-ins taken when available. All of us here at Brickyard are independent contractors – so please show up for your appointment, or we do not get paid.


Please check with your individual barber regarding scheduling and payment options.

Chris Banka - Owner, Barber - Brickyard Barbershop

Chris Banka

Owner & Barber / About

In 2005 I took a leap of faith, quit my job and went to school to learn to cut hair. I thought about tattooing and motorcycle building as options but ultimately landed on barbering.

As a kid my mom told me frequently that I should cut hair. I looked at my life and wanted more than just a 9 to 5 job that paid the bills. I wanted to work with my hands, and add value to people’s lives. Cutting hair fit the bill and I’ve never looked back.

I’ve given first haircuts to the tiniest of the little dudes, helped young guys find their style, watched fathers and sons bond and old timers tell a tale or two. I have the privilege to call many great men clients. They come from all backgrounds and careers, with different styles and ideas. The Brickyard Barbershop is their place as much as it is mine.

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Billy Jones - Barber

Billy Jones

Barber / About

I became a barber because I wanted a job that I could look forward to doing everyday for the next 30 years- one that would enable me to spend time with my wife and daughter, and give me the opportunity to have a positive impact on people.

My closest friends today started our as co-workers and clients. I’m invested in their lives and they’re invested in mine. I wouldn’t trade that for anything.

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Joey Jones, Barber

Joey Jones

Barber / About

Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, Joey, from a young age, has valued growing relationships with others. Getting involved in the hair industry the last 15 years has only enhanced the relationship building process and has taken him places he never dreamed were possible.

“Barbering and styling have given me so much, it only feels natural to give back 110%. I do it for my family, my friends, and our awesome community. I promise you’ll always get quality and the best I can bring when I’m standing behind the chair.”

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Cody Walker, Barber

Cody Walker

Barber / About

Barbering has always been apart of my life, from the first time my grandpa sat me in a chair at his barber in Walla Walla. Little did I know that it would become my passion and career. I take pride in every aspect of barbering to make sure my wife and two kiddos can have a great life!

Barbering allows me to live my life of hot rods, tattoos, and also taking the littles to Disney any chance we get! Come in and let’s chat all things cars, tattoos, and Disney while you get the traditional barbershop experience.

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Matt Pelletier, Barber

Matt Pelletier

Barber / About

I was born in California and moved to Spokane Valley when I was really young. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do when I grew up. My family works in the medical field and I started to follow as well. I was a caregiver to those who are developmentally disabled. I loved my job but I wanted to lead in my career and have a business of my own.

I’m very happy to say that becoming a barber has been an amazing experience and I love what I do. As a barber I get a front row seat into some amazing moments, in my clients’ lives. I feel honored to help my clients with their hair needs.

My goal with every person in my chair is to give them the best service possible. Listen to them like a best friend would and make them feel like they’re part of a bigger family here at Brickyard Barbershop.

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Jacob Rosenberg, Barber

Jacob Rosenberg

Barber / About

I’ve always been focused on serving people and being a part of a community that is open minded and fun to be in. In the search to find what I loved to do, I ended up leaving college and a potential career in the firefighting field to pursue what I believed I was called to do instead. Barbering.

I studied hair at at Glendow Academy and when I wasn’t in class I was at Jaazz Salon or Brickyard Barbershop standing behind a chair and taking in as much information as I could. I couldn’t be happier to be a part of this team!

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Garret Elsberg, Barber

Garret Elsberg

Barber / About

I’m a small-town kid from the Colville Reservation that fell in love with the city. I was raised by my grandparents and my beautiful mother. Sports were my life growing up. I was a high school football star until I tore my knee. My passion for the game helped me persevere through the injury and I went on to Sacramento City College on scholarship. I tore my knee for the second time, so I decided to head back to Omak to figure out my next move.

I opened a smoke shop with my grandparents that we ran for ten years, but I always felt the passion for what I was doing was missing. I went on to dabble in welding for a couple of years and enjoyed the trade, but it wasn’t until I was cutting a friend’s hair one time that I figured out that passion. I thought, “Dang, I enjoy the conversations with my friend and I enjoy the end results.” It felt rewarding seeing my friend’s reaction as he hopped out of my chair. Plus, I talk too much as it is, so what a perfect fit this atmosphere was for me.

Barbering has changed my life for the better. My mentor once asked me, “Do you like cutting hair? Do you want to cut hair?” Without hesitation, I said, “Nah man, I love cutting hair, and I need to cut hair.” I bring the same attitude and desire with me to every client that sits in my chair. I enjoy giving the best service catered to you, and building a friendship along the way!

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Hear Chris Banka, Brickyard Barbershop Owner, share why he became a barber and how the shop got started.

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